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I've gotten all my fish to date at the Clark's on Lomas. The Pygmys are usually in a tank in the set of tanks to the immediate west/right of the "easy beginner fish" wall (i.e., mostly tetras). I've had a total of five Pygmys from them (all bought early last fall), and three remain in apparent happy good health. Clark's do mark their tanks, but because the cories are tiny (my biggest being a touch over .5"), you may really have to look hard to see them on the bottom, blending in. You might call first to see if they are available. I can't recall exactly, but I believe they were $3 to $5 each.

edited to add that if you visit Aquaria Central, my avatar is a lucky shot of my three cories, and my name there is the same as it is here, DebbyS.

I splurged at DF&S before the red tag sale, drat... but I got things that Clark's doesn't have sometimes (Kent's freshwater plant fertilizer, though I did get my first bottle at Clark's), and now I have enough food/fertilizer/prime for the coming winter

I went looking/surfing for bulbs for my 20" Coralife aqualight and wound up buying some from an outfit in Florida, the name of which I have at home but not here at work. They were very helpful, especially after I misunderstood the real size of the bulbs (about 8"), not 20" (If I'd just looked, I would have had less problems...). I'll find the name and mention it here since they sell other things, too.

What plant-eating fish do you have? My fish (all tetras except the cories) I think are carnivores for the most part so don't bother the plants, though I swear one time I saw a tetra bump into a water sprite and it looked like he/she had take a little bite, maybe just out of curiosity.
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