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160 Gallon Tank Lighting Question.

My tank dimensions are 66 L x 24 W x 30 H.

Right now I have about 2" of Substrate.

I have the;
48" Finnex Ray High Output Unibody Ultra Slim LED, High PAR
Daylight: 7000k Dual LED Strips
39 Watts: 384 HO LEDs
Dimensions: 48" Long x 3" Wide x 1" High

The tank is low light/low tech. Basically, I have 2 amazon sword, a lot of anubais barteri, and some dwarf sag.

I don't want to do a lot of pruning, clipping, etc because a tank that large requires draining it half way just so I can reach the bottom and I only clean/water change 1 a month.
I add excel every 2 weeks.

However, the amazon sword is dying and the leaves are just getting thin/transparent.
Some of the anubais are doing the same, not so much transparent, but the leaves aren't as thick/strong. The dwarf sag seems okay for the most part, though it's not creating any runners/propagating. The Jungle Val I had in there is basically dead.

While I expect slow growth, nothing seems to have grown in the tank + no runners and more seems to be decaying than growing.

Is the light too low? Should I buy another light fixture and have 2 Finnex Rays?
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