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That's a nice offer, IN! I'm probably optimum with my three small tanks (6 and 10 gallon, and a little starter about 1 gallon)... but I'm always telling myself I can use more plants I splurged at Dr. Foster 2-3 months ago and am well stocked with food (for fish and plants) and prime. My 6G has 5 H&Ts (who love me madly), and my 10G has 11 fish (3 pygmy cories, 4 Glowlights & 4 Black neons), thus my reason for thinking I'm at optimum for livestock. Plants come & go, though, and since I'm a frustrated gardener (tucking things here & there into my apartment complex's landscape -- and that's full up now that Fall is here), I'd like to play with more plants. I live Downtown, near 6th and Lead and travel on Suntran. We should start a club ("Duke City Fish Fanciers"?) Meet at The Aquarium maybe... or in Clark's back room (if they have one)...
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