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Reef Tank Tuesdays

Sorry that we missed our Monday specials. I'm a veteran and I spent my day with family. Just in case there are reefers looking for deals here are some goodies. Prices are good until November 27th.

Prices do not include shipping unless indicated
Some items are limited availability

Coral Feeds

LL006 Cyclop-eeze 15 gram $11.50
SC805 Fuel 350 ml aquavitro $9.00
SC814 Fuel 1,000 ml aquavitro $22.00
SS179 Reef Roids 2oz N-00001 $12.00
SS180 Reef Roids 4oz P-00001 $18.00
SE360 Calanus Reef Plankton 20 gram Sicce $9.00
SE350 HyperKoral 50ml Sicce $18.00
SE351 HyperKoral 100ml Sicce $23.50
SE352 HyperKoral 250ml Sicce $46.50
SE353 HyperKoral 500ml Sicce $84.50
SS500 Ultra Clams 100ml Fauna Marin 10100 $22.50
SS502 Ultra Min F 100ml Fauna Marin 10110 $16.75
SS506 Ricordea/Zoanthus Food 100ml Fauna Marin 18412 $23.25
TL066 ZoPlan Advanced Zooplankton Diet 30g (1oz) $9.00 Two Little Fishes
TL061 MarineSnow Plankton Diet -250 ml (8.4 fl oz) bottle $8.25
TL062 MarineSnow Plankton Diet -500 ml (16.8 oz) bottle $11.75
TL064 PhytoPlan Advanced Phytoplankton Diet 30g (1 oz) $9.00
TL125 Goniopower 30g $11.00 Two Little Fishes
TL126 Acropower 500ml $16.00 Two Little Fishes
ZF190 ReVive Coral Cleaner 500ml (16.8floz) CONCENTRATE $27.00
SI037 CORAL FOOD 1000ML $27.00 Salifert
SI038 CORAL FOOD 250ml $10.00 Salifert
SI039 CORAL FOOD 500ml $17.50 Salifert
SI047 Coral Grower 1000 ml $25.00 Salifert
SI045 Coral Grower 250 ml $9.00 Salifert
SI046 Coral Grower 500 ml $15.00 Salifert

API Saltwater Test Kit $16 shipped 3 at this price
API Reef Master Test Kit $18 shipped 1 at this price
Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit $28 shipped 2 at this price
Salifert Flatworm Exit $15 shipped 3 at this price


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