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I've been on the board for a while, but just moved to Oshkosh in August. Setting up my main tank (72 bow in sig) as a planted african mbuna. The 4 labs are settled in, and I'm picking up 15 demasonii on Saturday. Should be an active tank!

I'll tell you one thing - size does matter . . . . of the town you live in. In Charleston, SC I had one great fish only store and several adequate fish only stores to choose from. Here in Osh there are only "pet" stores - with very few plants and certainly not "plant tanks". I've heard of a good store in Appleton and one in Green Bay, just need to get up there.



72g bowfront planted, CO2, 4x - T5HO, Eheim 2213 and 2217, 2 angels, pristella tetras, blue tetras, betta, albino bristlenose pleco, albino cories. Sword, vals, hygros, ludwigias, java moss and fern, anubias

2g Mac-quarium. Clown gravel, fluorescent plastic plants, and 2 guppies.
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