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Originally Posted by crazymittens View Post
It'll eventually cure (as long as we're not talking 1" deep), but the absolute minimum is 48 hours, recommended a week. Don't off-gasses ammonia!
No nothing that thick. I think I am going to call some glass shops and see what they can price me and what they would charge to seal it all in place.
I think I am going to use a 30L instead of the 29 that is currently in use. The 29 works but is so tall that it makes maintenance a little difficult. I think something shorter and longer is better. The other nice thing is I can take my time building the 30L so when I take everything down it will already be done and the reassembly will be faster. The downside is I was going to use that 30L to house my fish while it was down. Maybe I need to get on craigslist and look for a temporary home.
All things to think about and figure out how I am going to do this.

Originally Posted by Legot View Post
Can I join the club?!?! I've got a 10g reverse night cycle planted sump on my 20long running a 6" DSB.
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