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Originally Posted by Bandit1200 View Post
Shoving anything in there will restrict your waterflow. If this is an air powered sponge filter it will likely stop your filter from working completely.
It's driven by a 50 gph powerhead.

Originally Posted by pgaron View Post
Buy some elodia aka armchairs, it eats through nitrates and is an easy grow and it grows floating
I'm gonna assume you mean elodea aka anacharish, and yes, I do have that in there, as well at watersprite and frogbit.

Originally Posted by chad320 View Post
I would guess the sponge filter IS the problem. Its probably not enough filtration for your bioload and you would be better off with a HOB filter, even if its a small one.
All I have in the tank are 5 pygmy cories, 8 RCS, and 1 bamboo shrimp.

I suspect the cause of my high nitrates is from the osmocote+ I have placed in the substrate, perhaps I placed too much or not deep enough and it is leaching some stuff into the water.

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