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My Ten Gallon Project

So, I decided a while back to do a planted tank. After many hours of research on the aspects of a planted tank and then on what the care and difficulty levels of each plant I wanted to get, I have finally taken that giant leap into the hole, so to speak, and bought my first couple of plants.

Both of the plants I have right now, Bacopa Caroliana and Telathera Cardinalis, cost me about 10 dollars. I also bought a bag of CaribSea's FloaraMax Midnight color for the substrate. It only gives me about an inch and a half for substrate, but I can always add something more later. Maybe... That also was about ten dollars.

So, after spending about an hour rinsing out the substrate, I was finally able to put it in the tank and get the plants planted.

I tried to angle the substrate (mind if I call it gravel from now on? It's a little easier to type.) so it was higher on the right hand back than anywhere else in the tank. I'm not sure how well I did that, though.

I planted the Telanthera in the very back and broke the bacopa into two parts. One I planted in front of the Telanthera and the other to the side. In case anyone wants to know what I am trying to get my tank to look at, visit this link: . Of course, I can't do it excatly, I don't have a big enough tank nor do I know where to buy the plants.

Anyway, here's the pictures of my tank so far:
The Telanthera Carolinalis:

T.C. Day 1 (2) by Silvermist464, on Flickr

Telanthera cardinalis Day 1 (1) by Silvermist464, on Flickr

Both the Bacopa and the Telanthera:

B and T day 1 by Silvermist464, on Flickr

Light is a 10 watt Fluorescent bulb (I will get another 10 soon.)

Fish currently:
1 Black Ghost Knife
1 Bala Shark
1 Tiger Barb.

All three fish have a 55 gallon as a main tank but are in the small one for medications.
So, there you have it. Day one.

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