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Yellow Plants


I have a problem with slow growing plants and some with yellow leaves.

My tanks is:
6700K light on 10hrs / day
JBL Manado substrate with sand/gravel overlay
DIY CO2 system
Temp 28degC
Interpet IPF2 Filter
Weekly 1/3 water change with HARD tape water
I have an air stone also but turned it off to get greater CO2 absorption.
I add 5ml Nutrafin Plant Gro every three days.
Once every month Algae Destroyer Liquid.

2 Dwarf Gourami
2 Raindows
6 Lampeye
6 Ember Tetra
2 Assassin Snails
4 Ghost Shrimp

2 Large Moss Balls
Juncus Repens - newly planted going yellow at tips
Ophiopogon Japonica - newly planted going yellow at tips
Pogostemon Helferi - newly planted seems ok but quiet small at the moment
Java Moss on wood - all died but think that was due to put in crack on wood and got no light.
Dwarf Hairgrass - newly planted too early to say but
Anubias - well established doing well but very slow growth.

WALISSI - established but old leaves yellow and holes, new look ok.
BACCOPA MONNERIA - planted, all leave fell off so cut back to gravel and waiting to see if regrows.
I also have a plant which has regrown from nothing which is now doing well. Can not remember name but it's a true water plant, long thin leaves like streamer, very common

Hope I can get some help for a CHEAP nutrient plan and some advice with the plants, growing rate and yellowing.


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