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Interesting. I was under the impression with ADA aquasoil, fertilization was not all that necessary. Looks like I have to invest in some good test kits for those nutrients and see what's going on. I'll also have to figure out if my plants are getting their nutrients primarily through the root system or the leaf structures.

I like the idea of doing a water change to do maintenance on the tank. It's a lot easier to clean inside with some of the water gone. Also coming from a previously gigantic tank, I would often spot problems I wouldn't have otherwise during a water change.

As for dKH I'm using a trick I found in my saltwater days, putting a bag of crushed oysters in the filter to maintain it. I had to take it out this week because the dKH got too high.

So the question is, is fertilizing necessary? They seem to be growing fine, pearling and all.
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