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I have the Via Aqua 750 running on my tank since Thanksgiving. I have an Eheim 2026 Pro II on my 29G. The Via Aqua 750 is more quieter then the Eheim! But the Via Aqua is laying on the carpet, while the Eheim is laying on the wood flooring of my 29G. I like the attachments of the Via Aqua much better. You can twist the ViaAqua return part to position the spray back on the back of the tank instead of being on the side of the tank like the Eheim. I haven't noticed any poor construction problems on the Via Aqua, would someone point them out to me? The instruction on the Via Aqua is lacking. I have a return part(looks to be an oscillating return/venturi kit) that I have no ideas how to attach or use.
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