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Hmmm... my response from home didn't show up. Buggers.

Your regular gravel will grow plants just fine, though.
I was hoping that someone would say that... I guess I'll let it be for a while to see how the plants take to it. The gravel is 2-3mm with some larger gravel tossed in for aesthetics. I plan on adding some river stones as well to complete the look.

The Jobes Sticks that you mentioned, are they the typical house plant type or is there an aqua plant variety that the lfs sells at an elevated price?

That gave me about 3" total for the substrate and you can see by the pictures that the Flourite looks quite nice.
Nice pictures. I imagine that the flourite is the top layer of the substrate? Looks like a fine gravel. I was going to add a smaller size gravel eventually just to get different sizes in the tank so maybe I'll see what's available at the LFS.


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