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125g high tech planted

Tank - 125 gallon Marineland, 72"L x 18"W x 22"H

CO2 system - Pressurized with 10lbs tank, co2 fed to 2 inline atomic diffusers, milwaukee SMS 122 pH controller
Lighting - 10x 39w T5HO
Filtration - 2x 2217 eheims
UV sterilizer - 24w green machine
Heaters - 300w hydor ETH, 200w hydor ETH, w/Ranco temp controller
Feeder - eheim 3581

Substrate - mix of fluorite, gravel, stones etc.
Driftwood - redmoor

Fauna - 5x peruvian angels, 22x (cardinal tetras) Paracheirodon axelrodi, 22x (lemon tetras) Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis, 20 (cochu tetras) Boehlkea fredcochui, 5x peppered cories, 4x sterbai cories, 7x corydoras duplicareus, 4 SAEs

Flora - Glossostigma, S. repens, E. parvula, various hygrophila, various crypts, rotala, hydrocotyle, various anubias, mosses, HM, etc.

Eheim Pimp Club,# 496
25g 60-P iwagumi , 33g iwagumi cube, 125g high tech 7g cube, 75g low tech angelfish tank

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