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Petco $1 per gallon sale (8/26 - 9/2)

Petco is having another $1 per gallon sale on their tanks, starting 8/26 through 9/2. I just happened to go to their website and noticed that on the page...

This is an in store sale, so check with your local Petco.

The tank sale is typically any tank under 55 gallons.

FYI, I know last year, a few people last year were able to go to Petsmart and show the ad and they were able to get the tank (with lights and hood) for the same price of the tank alone from Petco. Also, some Petco's seem to hide some of their tanks, like the 40 gallon breeders, during the sale. So I suggest buying the tank now, don't use it, then come back during the sale with the receipt and get it discounted.

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