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Socorro resident here

howdy --

steph moore from Socorro here.

I have about two years experience with aquariums - and just started with a planted 20gal. tank. I initially began with aquatic turtles and needed to grow food for them; hence the planted tank which is now too nice to feed to them....

More about the 20gallon:

Livestock: About 18 Harlequin Rasboras, four male feeder guppies from its previous iteration as a turtle food tank, and three corydoras. Tons of snails - I haul them out regularly and toss them into the turtle tank. Escargot is a big favorite!

Plants: I have several plants, but don't know the exact names of some of them. I have a Java fern tied to driftwood that initially looked dead but is putting out new leaves and daughter plants. I have some bacopas (I think), and some vallisneras. I have a really large plant that is doing very well, but I dont' know what it is. And duckweed to feed the turtles.

Lighting: I just got a Nova HO T5 from, and it seems to be making the plants fairly happy.

Substrate: Fluorite red. About 2 inches deep, over an undergravel filter.

Filtration: Magnum 350 filter (x-ferred from the turtle tank; they got the new Rena XP4 last week). Filter is rigged to the undergravel filter plate so that water goes through the gravel, then into the filter, then back to the tank via spray bar mounted underwater.

Been lurking and reading here to learn about CO2 systems and other nifty plants I can get for my aquarium.

Just FWIW: The store on Menaul is Southwest Reef Company. I went in there last week just to look around. Neat store. All saltwater and reef, though. I still bought some chemicals just to kick some money their way.

The employees seemed very helpful and willing to answer questions. I told them I'm nowhere near ready to do a SW tank yet. They didn't mind me looking around, and said that when/if I wanted a SW tank, they'd be more than willing to help. Yep, I bet so!

Beautiful fish and corals, but more than I want to take on anytime soon.

Anyway, that's it, just saying hello to any and all other NM residents.

steph moore
New Mexico, USA

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