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Originally Posted by frrok View Post
Love the closeup shot, you can really see whats going on. My E. acicularis does not grow that tall. Must be my lighting def grows more compact and shorter but not as short as the belem. do u get any problems with cyano bacteria at all?
yeah, my e acicularis will grow all the way up to the surface and then some more. It also grows extremely fast. My goal with it is to contain it to the back and clip any runners that try to make their way forward. I haven't had any issues with cyano bacteria. Mainly gda on the glass now. over the summer the tank can get some direct sunlight at the end of the day if I forget to close the blinds in my apartment. I feel like this was the driving culprit for my gda issues which doesn't seem to ever go away. but yeah, no cyano bacteria in this tank (yet).

I am pleased with the powder on the aqua soil. I wonder if the old aquasoil and the detritus that was present on the surface of the soil had anything to do with algae issues in the tank. Having a 3mm or so layer on top with the powder soil...will that have an effect on the substrate overall and the way that the plants grow as well as algae? I'm definitely a noob when it comes to substrate conditioning/longevity...I've never siphoned any detritus from the top of the substrate before (mainly because I never saw it until recently with the old aqua soil). What are the benefits of "capping" your substrate? And is that what I have done with the aquasoil powder? this may be a question for the experts.
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