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Originally Posted by Brian_Cali77 View Post
I personally like UG, only because it's the newer trend and not as readily available. However, if you haven't done HC and have an urge to have the best of both worlds, why not! Go for it... you can always make changes after if you don't like the results.

Here's a tank shot I saved in my folder of "inspirations"... there's a combo of HC and UG executed well IMO.

On a side note... anyone know how this like river/stream was achieved underwater like that? Looks like some type of resin or something.
Awesome thanks, I saved it as well and I'll see if it'll work with the scape however it turns out.

Originally Posted by OVT View Post
The path seems to peak/end right center.

If you want the illusion of depth, something shorter then on the sides and front, which is a challange. Maybe S. repens, hydrocolite Japan, a single blyxa. Blah, me not liking those choices. For a focal point, a single AR mini. Dearf water lily might work. E. tropica aka Rosette sword. Gee

Thanks for the suggestions, it looks like it might be better to just not make it pointed

Originally Posted by zodduska View Post
Congrats on the new setup! I love the 60F and hope to try one some day.

I really like the setup so far and I think there's been a lot of good suggestions. You might want to consider either adding some more substrate behind the rock closest to the back wall on the left or moving it slightly away from the rear glass to allow access for planting behind it.
You should get one! They are nice tanks.

Thats a great point! This is something I would have thought of after filling partially and started to plant aand would be lazy to move it by that point. I'll do something about that. Thanks for that.

Originally Posted by zodduska View Post
It might also be worth mentioning that the rock on the left front, if placed with a large flat side facing up near the tank center has a good chance of growing algae unless moss or similar covers the surface, at least its what I've noticed in my tank.
I'm still thinking of what I want it to look like planted, so I'll have to see if I'm going to add moss or not. If not I'll change the orientation of the rock.
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