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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
Looks good so far. I really like the right side but I think the two bigger rocks should be slightly further apart since they are very similar in shape. I like the second version of the left side as well.
Thanks. I'll move them and take some more pictures to see how that looks.

Originally Posted by Brian_Cali77 View Post
Congrats on the new acquisition! Great start so far. I guess the AFA SCAPE meet couldn't wait? LOL

Anyways... I say if you like the sand go for it. You're the one that's going to be looking at it on the daily. I'm not going to lie, it does require more work to keep it tidy. But it's a labor of love. I personally still like a little sand, it adds character IMO.
I figure during the SCAPE meet I can buy something else :P You can always buy something else from there, especially if there is a sale. I found the rocks at the bonsai place across the street for half the price AFA was selling them for, same stones.

Originally Posted by OVT View Post
I certainly like the right side - a winner. Left, um, maybe also try to angle the rocks a la right side? The shape of the path: blunt up the top corner a bit, the needle tip looks a bit unnatural to me, or plant something at the very top.

Light sand and AS is a PITA, but I love the look.

Yea the path is supposed to be blunted as is the front two corners, my cereal box supports didn't hold up as well as I wanted, but I didn't want them to be too firmly in place as I need to remove them with the sand in. Planting something at the top also sounds interesting, what did you have in mind for that?

I guess I'll still give the sand a go, see if I can handle it.

I have some more rocks as well so I'll do more work on the left side.

Any thoughts on the foreground plant? HC vs UG? Could I do both without looking unnatural?
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