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special kitty is the brand I used, got it at wally world. you need to check it firs though and make sure it won't change your water. I did not rinse mine I just mixed it with some sand out that down and covered it with a good layer of sand. The tanks has been up and running for about a year with no problems. Over time some of the cat litter has crept to the top but it kind of looks natural. If I pull up plants there is major clouding but it usually clears up in a matter of hours. The roots on my plants are awesome. Its just now that I'm having to add anything for my swords. HTH!!

75g planted..

3 festivum
2 von rio tetras
3 rummy nose tetras
5 black neons
1 sae
2 bristlenose plecs
1 clown plec
3 clown loaches
2 borellis..male

10g shrimp tank, amanos and ghost shrimp
2 10g borelli tanks
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