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Psiorian's 60F

So, I’ve been lurking on the forums for a while, and I’ve seen my fair share of journals (maybe too many, its all I do at work). Since you guys helped me pick my tank, I decided it is only fitting to do a journal about it.

Disclaimer I’m still relatively new at this so any suggestions are welcome.

Tank: ADA-60F
Lighting: Current Freshwater LED+
Filter: Eheim Ecco 2232, Cal Aqua X1s Inflow.
Substrate: ADA Amazonia
Hardscape: Seiryu Stones

So I’m trying out the layout now. I want to do like a white sand beach sort of scape down a valley.

I've been messing with rock placement for now. There will be white sand where there is no substrate currently (please excuse the bad pictures and the funky lighting):

Top View:

Front View:

I'm liking the right side of the scape. Close up of the Right Side

I’m not sold on the left side I have two options what is in the front view above or the picture below. Alternate Left Side 2:

Things will be easier to see without those fruit loop cardboard in the way an the sand in. Any suggestions on the initial hardscape?

I am trying to debate between HC and UG for the foreground. Do you guys think if I do one side with HC and one side with UG that would look weird? Any opinions on what I should do for the foreground?

I'm going to look for sand tomorrow and get some substrate dividers to keep the substrate out of the sand and foreground plants from mixing.

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