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Thanks for the tip pedzola. I kindly agree, the place could take better care of their fish. I also agree on modified fish...This week I saw bright neon green and red zebra danios !!! I was tempted to ask what planet they were from. The other thing that I want to complain about, is overcharging. I have a feeling I've been overcharged there a few times, only because I made large purchases of course (< $150). This week I think I was charged 12.99 for an SAE! I felt something wasn't right when I went through the purchase, and narrowed it down to that. Its funny because 2 weeks ago I paid 3.99 a piece for the same fish (same size). I also bought an Albino BN pleco for January I paid 59 for the same one... What is all this guess work? I like the store but I agree they need to get their act together!
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