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I'd like to put in my $0.02 about Aquatic Wildlife.

The owner and staff are very friendly, but "knowledgeable" depends on who you're talking to. I overheard one staff member recommending a 10 gallon tank for a STURGEON. I couldn't believe they would sell these fish AT ALL.

Secondly, there are ALWAYS dead and dying fish in the tanks. Every time I go there I am sad to see many many unhealthy fish, and from what I can tell there are no quarantine or medicated tanks in the whole place. I think they just let them die. It is always a sad sight.

Third they have an abundance of dyed fish and tankbusters that they seem to have no ethical qualms in selling.

Fourth all of their equipment is at least double the price you could get the stuff online.

The only good thing about the store is that it looks pretty and has a large variety of stuff. You can probably get just about anything there... but be prepared to pay, and be prepared to have your conscience eating you alive when you see all the sick, dying, and unnaturally altered fish in the store.
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