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my idea for a diy drop checker, need some input

i bought 4dkh fluid, because i dont trust myself making it.

now to make the housing for the liquid.
im going to use 2 90* 1/2" pvc elbows and some spare pipe. to view the liquid im going to use a spare test tube from my api test kit. luckly the cap fits perfectly into the end of the pipe, with a little glue it will hold well. and i can drill the cap to open it.

so now i have 2 questions.

how much of the ph reagent should i add to the test tube (i plan on using 5mls of the 4dkh)

and will this be enough surface area for the gas exchange to take place? or should i just rethink this set up?

i dont like the idea of in tank drop checker because my bush fish attacks everything on the glass (heater and filter intakes) so i dont want the reagents in my water itself. and all the items on my list i have on hand thats why i want to use them

thanks for the input

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