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Originally Posted by discoveringmypath View Post
4th picture from the top, that guy looks cool! I want one.

Quick question, if you breed a pair of shrimp that are the same color, will the babies be the same as well? Or can the color or pattern change from time to time?

Thanks and good luck with your tank!
It's a crapshoot really. Tibees are pretty unstable, takes a long time to stabilize a color and strain. Many run in to problems with sterile shrimp as well. I have probably 40 of them and the adults they came from. The parents of these looked quite a bit better, had more blue tones. Some of these have the blue tones some don't (and all are out of just 3 batches). I had one that had awesome white striping but lost him Basically I don't have anything right now that I would want to work with as far as color and pattern. So trying to change that. If I can get a few that have a look/pattern I want to work with then I will split off more tanks and try to work on development. Expecting to spend at least a couple of years trying to just get a starting point shrimp to work with

The shrimp you are talking about with the blueish tint to the white is a Taiwan Bee. A Shadow panda (some call them blue pandas I believe). Those you can buy. But if you breed shadow panda to shadow panda you might get any Taiwan bee (wine red, bkk, shadow panda, panda, etc) AFAIK. But you *can* get more that look just like the adults. Better chance with Taiwans of getting shrimp the same color and pattern. Tibees are a cross between bee shrimp (CBS/CRS/Golden/etc) with tiger shrimp (OEBT, BTOE, regular tiger, super tiger). A lot of folks don't fool with them because the # of possibilities as it can change based on female/male situation as well. As in the cross between a Golden female X male super tiger male might look entirely different than the result of a female super tiger X Golden male. And the babies from even one batch can vary in looks. Out of 80-90 babies I've had born most resemble each other. I've had maybe 4-5 out of those that stood out a looked a little different.

For this tank I want to shift out breeding pairs after each batch of babies is born, try other combinations and track the results. So once these females breed, I will probably swap out males. If I find another female in the main tank to use I'll move her. I don't ever want too many shrimp in this particular tank as it will be harder to track genetics. But I'll burn that bridge when I get there, gotta get this first group breeding first
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