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Ravensgate's Tibee DB Breeding Project Tank!

I've had this tank going since the first of July but thought I'd start a tank journal on it.

I set up this tank for some specific controlled tibee breeding projects. It's the Deep Blue Betta tank (think its about 2 1/2 gallons). The footprint on this tank is awesome for shrimp, 18 inches long. At any rate, pics of the tank. Decided to keep it simple so I can keep an eye on everything. Running a Toms Rapid mini canister on it that I've modified as well as an extra sponge filter. Over filtration but it works. Here is the tank when it started, it actually doesn't look a ton different except the moss has grown I wanted to keep this extremely simple so I could monitor all the inhabitants. As of right now, the males seem to be about breeding age, the females, though large are still not full grown (they are 10 months old right now but my adults are still larger than them, they are huge). They are close though, probably only 1-2 more molts before they should start saddling up (with any luck). I hope this tank brings me a lot of excitement in the next few months. I'm going into surgery in 3 days on the 15th. If all goes well I hope to add some more TBs (Blue bolts, and more). We shall see.

These are the inhabitants

My 3 tibees (F3 Generation super tiger x bumblebee)
Pretty sure this one is male. This pic is from a couple of months back, he was being elusive this evening.

And these are my two Taiwan boys

An older pic of my shadow panda guy from a month or so ago

These are my tibee girls, just two of them (just had a better pic of the one by herself) And yes, they have that blue-ish green tint on the head.

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