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Originally Posted by Dr Fishbait View Post
Sorry for starting all this trouble about rainbows being so aggressive at feeding. With as many small fish you wanted in addition to rainbows I was concerned that you would end up in the same delima I found myself in. I ended up grossly over feeding my tank to make sure all we're fed. And we all know where the leads.
No trouble and I appreciate the info. I'd rather find out now than have to chase them around with a net because all the other fish are starving.

Since the main focus of this tank is going to be plants/aquascape I've decided not worry about the fish as much.

20 Cardinal Tetras
7 Glass catfish
m/f pair of Blue German rams (if I can find a female anywhere)
5 male guppies
1 Pearl Gouramis
7 Cordys
1 Bristlenose pleco

I may add others later on such as a pair of apistos or Baddis baddis.
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