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Originally Posted by pedietz
This morning I bumped up my CO2 a tad...

After 12 hours, I found my PH was 6.6 instead of 6.9.
That's about 40ppm for my 8KH.
Everything was pearling like crazy...

I also noticed that algae grew like crazy today as well.
Grey hair all over the spraybar now.
There's also bubbles stuck all over it.
So the algae appears to be pearling too.

So my guess is yes, algae responds to CO2 increases like plants do...

Thats not a correct assumption to make, first of all b/c CO2 isn't vital to Algae and secondly, most likely with 40 ppm CO2, your nutrient balance is out of wack; this is bad, sooner or later, for your plants, and heaven for the algae.
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