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thank you, and since you saw fit to resurrect this old thread,
I may as well fill other people in on the epilogue to this tank;

The larger crayfish tore the smaller one apart a few Months later.
He then tore about one limb a day off the crabs I had added.
I filled the tank with Endler's, which annoyed him to no end.
He ultimately climbed out of my tank, and died under my fridge.

needless to say, many lessons were learned from this experience.

The tank has been converted into an Endler & Ramshorn nursery
and a refuge for many low light plants I don't particularly like,
but still save for the day I can afford to keep a 125gal tank.

In the future, I want to make this 10gal into a invert only tank,
with a few dwarf crayfish, Thai red crabs, and RCS with lots
of twiggy driftwood and lava rocks for them to climb around.

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