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Hi friends, may I join your club?

I managed to fit the banner in my sig, and my 60P is called a 23G, but that can change...

I'm still in the planning and acquisition stage, here's the wood I'm planning on using

Still need to boil it out and then soak, then start the DSM

I plan to try bio-yogurt brushed on the wood along with glued/tied emersed plants. I'm modeling my build loosely after Tropical layout #77, very loosely

Here is the tentative list of plants as it stands for now:
10 pots of H. C (Dwarf Baby Tears)
3 pots of E. tenellus (Narrow Leaf Chain Sword)
3 pots of E. acicularis (dwarf hair grass) - prefer E. parvula but can't find it
2 pots H. sibthorpioides - (dwarf pennywort) emersed, difficult I know...
H. leucocephala - emersed
H. pinnatifida
E. montevidensis (giant hair grass) - submerged to block intake tube
B. Japonica (have)
A. Bonsai (have)
S. repens (have)
-need to think out this list

I also scored a few rare plants off SCAPE that I will hopefully be incorporating into this scape, somehow...
2 x Microsorum pteropus 'Windeløv' (ok, not very rare)
2 x Aglaonema simplex (emersed, tied to wood)
2 x Aglaonema minima (emersed, tied to wood)
1 x Cryptocoryne ciliata (might use this emersed in our betta rebuild)

Mosses, exact usage to be determined:
F. Fontanus (glued to rocks)
Flame Moss
Taiwan Moss
Mini Xmas (tied or glued to wood)

Livestock will all be community oriented
7-10 neon tetras
7-10 T. espei
4-6 Otos
6-8 Amanos

Someone please talk me off the ledge of overplanting, overstocking my little 60P

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