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Just got through rescaping the entire tank to make more room for the plants, and I purchased the following plants for the tank.

8x Ceylon hygrophyla
5x Ludwigia Repens
5x Myrio Mattogrosense
5x Pearl Weed (Hemianthus micranthemoides)
5x Dwarf Sagittaria
3x Didiplis Diandra
3x Lindernia Variegated
1x Christmas Moss (1/2 golf ball size)
1x Java Moss (golf ball size)
1x Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis
1x Bronze Crypt
1x Java Fern Lace OR Java Fern

I'm also thinking of getting a injection co2 system, 10lb co2 cylinder, and a Milwaukee MA957 regulator. This co2 system should last me around 3-4 years lol!!!
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