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Originally Posted by Brian041 View Post
Nice! i just started my build of the same tank. how do you like that finnex btw?

I absolutely love my Finnex FugeRay, but I'm going to upgrade to a 16" Finnex Ray II DS LED light because it'll give me twice the PAR value which will give my plants that extra boost of lighting. All my Evolve 4 is missing would be a co2 injection system, right now I'm just trying to use up the last of the co2 tablets I have left then I'll move to a diy co2 system so I can save up for a injection system.

Right now I'm mainly focused on comparing plant growth between ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia, and in my topless 6 gallon Edge I'm going to use Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit Rio Cafe-M soil based substrate. From what I've heard from Jeff at is that Brightwell Aquatics Rio Cafe substrate is comparable to ADA's Amazonia, but it doesn't have that ammonia spike that ADA aqua soil is known for.
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