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Here's my Aqueon Evolve 4 journal!!!

Finally got everything to get my Aqueon Evolve 4 nano tank up and running on the right path. Here's a listing of everything...

Tank - Aqueon Evolve 4
Lighting - 10" Finnex FugeRay LED, but upgrading to 16" Finnex Ray II DS LED
Heating - 25w Fluval compact heater
Substrate - 3" ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia w/ a small path of play sand

For my plant list I bought those Topfin packaged plants (not the tube plants)

Staurogyne Repens
Green Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Cryptocoryne Balansae
Dwarf Hairgrass
and 2 Blyxa japonica from my 45 gallon long tank

I had it set up before, but with dirt... I got the 10" Finnex FugeRay a couple weeks ago, and last week I ordered the ADA Aqua Soil. I already had the driftwood just sitting around, so today I finally decided to use it.

Tank has been running for 3 hours now, so the water is still a bit hazy.

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