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Just a FYI for folks that fear killing their fish, which should be 100% of you, do a large water change before and after treatment(say 8 hours after). The by products of the killing algae, bacteria, organic matter release into the water can be removed easily with a simple water change.

It is always better to use "many small little hammers", than one large one when dealing with pest if you have things in the tank which you do not want to harm.

Algae are symptomatic, they tell me folks or myself are not focusing on the plant growth correctly. So that's the no# 1 area to focus on. Not just add algae killers and ignore that. But that said, when you do get algae, products like these can and do help to get rid of the mess you made. But they should never be an ongoing part of anyone's routine.

I do not have good horticulture skills from my algae killing ability.
No one does.

when you do kill algae or use chemical treatments, do the water changes, this helps reduce the O2 demand from all the organic materials and increases the O2, algae do not like water changes as a rule also.

I noted that 1/2 doses has similar effects on green algae and also shrimp(still killed them) with Algaefix/busan 77.

Tom Barr
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