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I do not honestly think ADA, or many of these companies are really decpetive here, I have never said they are, however, they are no better than most of us when it comes to wading through some baloney.

And I think that is what occured here.

SeaChem has folks that are a bit more critcally minded.

They will sell Alkaline buffer, label it nicely, tell you how much to ad dper tank size, but we can use baking soda just the same. Folks to carry on and on about the differences between baking soda and alklaine buffer.

Marineland also has some good people working for them and their product line.

But if you lack a person that can cut through all this, then you can get taken, I do not care how nice of scape you can do over and over, it does not mean the product works as claimed by the Druids, pixies or whatever belief system you want to impose.

I do not debate beliefs.

That is the realm of philosophers and priest, of which I am certainly not nor wish to be.

I will look at likelyhoods, that's about all we have to go with.

Based on that, I cannot say this stuff does a hill of beans, but many folks still suggest it for some odd reason.

What I'd like to know, is why they still do.
Or is it mere belief?

Tom Barr

Tom Barr
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