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thanks tom, i showed my grandad the ada setup guide and he was distinctly unimpressed, he used to work for british coal and was an environmental manager, basicaly a feild botanist (i think thats the right word, studied plants) incharge of making sure the old coal feilds are turned into good nature reserves and he said much to the same effect about tourmaline and penac and so on, that its simply useless for plant growth and was "druid science" im not saying hes right, but 50 years of work in the feild cant be too badly wrong. he said of having dowsers (people with mystic sticks to find water) there looking for water then wanting pay when they found some, my grandad refusing to pay looked into the matter and found out at least 2 of the party of 6 worked for the water board and knew where theyd find water without the act
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