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Jumping In

Here I am. Just bought an Evolve 8 today at the closeout. One left at Thomas Road Petsmart.

This will be the "official" Evolve-lution club!!!!

Remember we are only a club, we do NOT seek compensation of any kind for this club.

Here's the club link, and banner for your signature on the

PHP Code:
[FONT="Arial Black"][URL=""][COLOR="Green"]Evolve-lution Member[/COLOR][/URL][/FONT][IMG][/IMG] 
This is what it'll look like - Evolve-lution Member

So feel free to add yourself to the list!!!
1 - xxUnRaTeDxxRkOxx
2 - mosspearl
3 - CatFishStryk
4 - Drowned My Cactus
10 - etc!!!!

Evolve-lution Member #4
55 & 8 gallons inside / 2154 gallons outside

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