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Touramline, Far IR and other hogwash

2 weeks ago I spoke with a person who seemed very intent on disproving me and got offended when I made disparaging remarks to the validity of several companies' claims as to the effectivemness of adding tourmaline minerals into the sediment and how it can help a tank.

Perhaps a chemistry professor bent on helping folks wade through wonky water schemers should offer some support.

Look down farther where he discusses far IR, the same stuff discussed with Touramline.

If you poke around, you can look into a number of methods and signs that will help you from not getting taken by such marketing.

"You don't even need water to get hit by "ionization" scams!

Yes, this outfit offers "ionized bracelets" to willing suckers... no mention of how they work or what they are supposed to do for you.

Here's another that peddles tourmaline crystals as "Nature's source of Far Infrared and Negative Ions". Of course, all matter above absolute zero emits far-ir radiaiton, ordinarily known as "heat". Tourmaline also happens to be piezoelectric: when you squeeze it, a small voltage difference develops between the two ends of the crystal. Nothing special here, but these operators weave this into a fabric of lies about the crystals putting negative ions into and purifying water, reducing cluster size. increasing dissolved oxygen, and have a general healing effect.

And how about Ener-Chi Ionized stones? Can rocks be ionized? Well not really, but natural radioactivity occasionally knocks an electron out of an atom, creating an ion pair which can remain locked into the solid for a long time. So in this sense, even the rocks you find in your back yard can be said to be "ionized". But these jokers take it to ridiculous extremes:

By placing an Ionized Stone next to a glass of water or plate of food, the water or food becomes energized, increasing digestibility and nutrient absorption. Ionized stones can also be used effectively in conjunction with Ener-Chi Art -- simply place an Ionized Stone on the corresponding area of the body while viewing an Ener-Chi Art picture."

Is it bioavailable as a trace mineral?
No, it's very very insouble.

Read this baloney:

Now if you believe that, you might think adding it your plants might impact "long plant life" as well

More huckster products:

Why not sell it to the aquarium industry as well?

Is it soluble in our tank conditions? Bioavailable to plants?
Apparently not even close.

Here's a claim in our hobby.
This is not from the vendor, rather ADA.
I wonder where ADA got this info?

I have been unable to find a single creditable study showing any benefits to plants with this product or mineral. If you know of a real one, post it.

I've used it and cannot say with any certainly after a year new of any discernable significant benefit to a plant, a root, any exchange in nutrients etc. Now have I done a precise experiiment for this one?
No, I should not have to either if it works as claimed.
I should live to be a 150 and never have any plant related issues.

Given all of this, the burden should be upon the companies selling the snake oil/nutty devices and what not to show that it's useful and when folks do try it, that they know, not guess that it is due to the product, not something else which is often the case.

Penac is a similar product and line that's well known in the snake oil water quackery.

Do these things work?

Who the heck really knows............generally they do not hurt except in the wallet but there's no support here the best I could find and some very dubious claims and support at best and at worst, they just want your $$.

As a hobbyists, we should/need to see something, some benefit we know we can attribute to the product based on improved fish or plant health etc.

If not, why buy it?

Tom Barr

Tom Barr
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