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Started my first year of college a couple of weeks ago. Both of the tanks are still up back at home being taken care of by my family. I come home every couple of weeks to clean the tank but other wise it is fairly maintenance free. I have a BN pleco and a SAE helping out in the 38G while I have three Otos in my 10G shrimp tank.

I'm not technically allowed to have big tanks at college but manage to speak to my RA to let me have a small 3G betta tank.
Im using a Riparium planter that I saved from when I tried it with my 10G. I'm using it to minimize the amount of nutrients in the tank since it's so small. The betta seems extremely happy and has even made a bubble nest today. There's a small filter in the tank. I need to get a heater for the tank soon as it is starting to get cold but I may end up switching this to a Fluval Spec later on since I don't wanna mess with a plastic tank and a heater problem.

His name is Alpha Betta (Black Body & Red Halfmoon Betta)

Will upload pictures of the other tanks when I come back home soon! Thanks for reading!

*Also planning to add a couple swordtails to the tank and removing both a Gourami and a GWK since they get aggresive with their species.

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