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When i switched from t5no to led I had a huge algae problem for quite a while. Im just using diy co2 and I dose water ferts 1-2 times a week. I grew clado like it was my job. The only thing that finally stopped it was daily dosing of 2-3x excel, elevating the light several inches above my tank (I might have to bring it up more), adding another bottle to my co2 rig, and being more consistant with my fert dosing. I added dwarf water lettuce as well to help block some of the light. I didn't manage to get rid of the clado until I did a whole tank treatment with h2o2 and a follow up dose of excel.

If I was using pressurized co2 this would be much easier, and I would probably ditch the water lettuce. My plants grew "redder" before I started reducing the light but I also was plagued with algae.
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