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I like the last attempt the best.

Micro managing here:

Level the substrate across the front.

The substrate you remove from RIGHT FRONT...goes to LEFT REAR in the corner and taper it to FRONT LEFT corner.

On the Left, under the branch, make the substrate a bit lower to create and underwater "wash" an area with under water current moves sand away.

Get a power head or circulation pump like a Hydor Koralia. Place it rear left and directed under the branch down your wash "valley".

Two main plaintings of just one Sp. Either one type of Crypt or Broad leave stem plant. 2/3 of the planting rear Right to Front right. Then 1/3 front left.

The crypts or stems will move with the current giving a lot of interest & action to the Aquascape. A school of Barbs or Tetras, maybe a few busy cory cats. This tank will be very exciting.

Crypts - C. balansae, C. spiralis, C. lucens
Stems - Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis',Staurogyne sp.'Bihnar"

To finish off the 'scape You could start a bit of Needle leaf Java Fern on the driftwood In the center of the driftwood, training it to grow over the "bridge" and up the right side.

However Leave the center upright part of the driftwood along as contrast. Of course nothing is panted in the underwater wash "stream" area.
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