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Originally Posted by Skybass View Post
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I actually have timers on order from Amazon, so I should have them tomorrow. The H202 read was very interesting, definitely something to consider. As for the Nerite Snails, I think the clown loaches I have would probably have a field day with them.
Do yourself a favor and DO NOT do that H202 treatment. You have some very nice fish and there is a good chance you will lose some of them. It's not worth it to get rid of algae. That thread is littered with people who have lost a lot of fish because of that treatment.

Trim as much of the affected leaves as you can, do a big water change, reduce light duration to around six hours for a while. Add carbon/purigen to your filter and make sure the plants have the ferts/co2 they need. Keep up with water changes and see where you are.
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