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Originally Posted by Skybass View Post
I am new to the hobby, and really enjoying it. However, I am starting to see more predominant algae blooms in my 75g tank. I am confident the biggest culprit is the duration of the lights. I don't have timers yet, and have been relying on the old fashion get up and turn them off method.

However, when I am at work, my wife likes to have the tank on, so lights have been running for about 12 hours.

My parameters as of today:
Water Temp: 78 degrees
KH = 5
GH = 7
PH = 6.6
Ammonia = 0ppm
Nitrite = 0 ppm
Nitrate = 0ppm

The plants I have. Sorry I don't know all their names.

As you can see I have a circulation pump, so I don't think current is an issue. I even have a spray bar that spreads across the width of the tank, so my agitation seems ok.

However, I am now getting the following:

Algae on the substrate:

Algae on the back glass, but the CAE is loving it.

Algae on the plants. Looks hairy.

I know i have to reduce the duration of the lights. I have also been adding Flourish Excel about 1 capful and a half every other day.

Is there anything else that you guys could suggest. I recently did add more fish, so I am also certain that the fish food is a factor.

Been doing about 25% water changes as the fish were relatively new. There was some algae prior to the fish getting added but not as predominant. Should I consider larger water changes?

As always I am grateful to this forum community. Really enjoy reading all the posts, and hope to contribute one day as best I can.


My suggestion:
Olive Nerite snails.. Some complain about the eggs(though they can't reproduce in freshwater) but my experience is this is temporary (YMMV) and in the past months, for me, nary an egg..

also I suspect, though a bit counter intuitive, that your nitrates are too low.. at least in my personal experience. (massive algae outbreak right at end of cycling as ammonium and nitrite went to zero but Nitrate was minimal)

IF it was "just" high light and high nitrate levels "this" should be an algae farm.

40-ish ppm Nitrate
65watts targeted LED's 12hr/day
no additional CO2 except for a very occasional dosing of Excel..(I used up a 250mL bottle in 5+ months )

Of course my little janitors are hard at work...

(there is some but it certainly isn't predominant, and the Nerites do an excellent job.)
Not sure your light level are really that high..

From "real world" data..
  • Freshwater system impacts: Generally, phosphorus is the limiting nutrient in freshwater aquatic systems. That is, if all phosphorous is used, plant growth will cease, no matter the amount of nitrogen available. Many bodies of freshwater are currently experiencing influxes of nitrogen and phosphorus from outside sources. The increasing concentration of available phosphorus allows plants to assimilate more nitrogen before the phosphorus is depleted. Thus, if sufficient phosphorus is available, high concentrations of nitrates will lead to phytoplankton (algae) and macrophyte (aquatic plant) production.
so as usual things are complicated..

And maybe I'm just lucky..
but that tank was a mess.. First off a very traumatic cycle.. bacterial outbreaks, diatoms ect. Then stabilized for ahwhile .. then ich outbreak.. then heat and salt for weeks w plants in no less.. then (or actually started during ich tratment session but didn't notice how bad) algae outbreak.. bought snails, plants started regrowing from salt damage, added a few more new plants, got more fish (guppies, gotta love em) so that brings me to the above conditions now..

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