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Algae starting to show...could use some help.

I am new to the hobby, and really enjoying it. However, I am starting to see more predominant algae blooms in my 75g tank. I am confident the biggest culprit is the duration of the lights. I don't have timers yet, and have been relying on the old fashion get up and turn them off method.

However, when I am at work, my wife likes to have the tank on, so lights have been running for about 12 hours.

My fish:
2 x Panda Corys
1 x Marci Rainbowfish
2 x Chinese Algae Eaters
7 x Tiger Barbs
2 x Albino Tiger Barbs
2 x Clown Loaches

My setup:
75g glass tank
ECO Complete substrate
Aquatop CF500UV cannister filter
Lights: 48" Finnex Ray2 & 48" Current Freshwater LED+, that sit on top of the rim. Should they be placed higher?

I am running CO2 at around 3 bubbles per second?

CO2 drop checker:

My parameters as of today:
Water Temp: 78 degrees
KH = 5
GH = 7
PH = 6.6
Ammonia = 0ppm
Nitrite = 0 ppm
Nitrate = 0ppm

The plants I have. Sorry I don't know all their names.

As you can see I have a circulation pump, so I don't think current is an issue. I even have a spray bar that spreads across the width of the tank, so my agitation seems ok.

However, I am now getting the following:

Algae on the substrate:

Algae on the back glass, but the CAE is loving it.

Algae on the plants. Looks hairy.

I know i have to reduce the duration of the lights. I have also been adding Flourish Excel about 1 capful and a half every other day.

Is there anything else that you guys could suggest. I recently did add more fish, so I am also certain that the fish food is a factor.

Been doing about 25% water changes as the fish were relatively new. There was some algae prior to the fish getting added but not as predominant. Should I consider larger water changes?

As always I am grateful to this forum community. Really enjoy reading all the posts, and hope to contribute one day as best I can.



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