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I like the small ones on the right, get some anubius or java ferns going on them, I think nubius' will look better
ditch the big rock completely. Find a good piece of driftwood that helps create a different look from the rocks, while creating more habitat.

As for fish, something like german blue rams will love I mean just LOVE those small caves in the rocks on the right. But wait to get them till the tank has been running for a while.

Once it's planted I suggest working on getting a good school of tetra's going, whether is be the commons like neons, rummys, or cardinals. They all look good and are easy to find.
Angelfish are a good choice too, they'll do great in a planted tank. At most go with 4 or 5, and get them young. Even if you find a local breeder, getting some as small as a quarter is not a bad idea. I find that this size helps them in the long run: deal with the tank perim's that you are keeping, learn to live with the other inhabitants, and have more personality then if you get adult's.

I'm sure you've seen this before, but get the plants going on a good setup with ferts/lights/co2 before you start throwing in fish. Also, if you're looking for a good cleaner, I highly suggest albino bristlenose plecos, constantly cleaning, actually look good, stay small, not bully's.
Just my opinion.
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