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Originally Posted by primo View Post
Has potential. I do agree about the big rock being too big and not flowing with anything.

However... would you consider smashing it into smaller pieces? I bet you could get a great scape with chunks of it!

Haha the rock is not to big! The tank is too small! It's only 60lbs lol. I really wouldn't like to break it up since it would entail screwing up my MTS and sand cap. Unless there is some easy way to do so. I do have a 75 gallon I plan to put it in eventually (after I find my Burmese python a good home as it is his feeding tank). For now its gonna stay. But it will end up in my 75g where it will fit much better. I originally got it because of the holes thinking the cichlids would like it. What about the rocks on the right? The middle one is buried so I wasn't really planning on moving that since its buried in the slope. I told you guys this was a noob tank
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