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Ha didn't realize the low tech forum.. That's where this should have gone. Saw some interesting stuff over there. I'm thinking of bringing a little more moss into this. Possibly some pennywort.. Thanks for the input!

Originally Posted by Seedreemer View Post
I think you might need more light actually. I'm in Florida and have a pint-sized no-tech bowl in a southern window that gets sun off and on all day and it's doing really well. Sand bottom, pennywort, oscmocote granules in the sand. I have to rub off a clear slime coat on rim each week but otherwise it's as clear as the day I set it up. I do a 100% water change each week just because it's so easy. Pics are in the low tech forum.

Years ago I also had a 29g in a western window that did wonderfully with hot blazing afternoon sun.
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