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1.25 Gallon NO TECH Nano Window Tank

Hi All,

I just started a 1.25 gallon planted tank that I'm hoping to add a little flora/fauna too. I want to keep it as hands off low maintenance as possible(wishful thinking.)

So there is no C02, a sand bottom and the light from the window. This area of the window gets a good amount of indirect sun light all day. I'm more worried about it being too much light than not enough fyi.

Currently there is Riccia, anubias and wisteria planted. Are there any plants anyone can suggest that would grow under these conditions? I'm hoping the wisteria will grow and help win the battle against algae. I've noticed some of the shaded areas of riccia are not growing very well.

Would adding a little excell help? Also there are 3 red shrimp and a nerite in there. Are there any other plants that would grow well with the light from a window and no C02? Thanks for any help everyone, pics for reference are below. I definitely want to make this tank look good, it's at about 70% right now.. Thanks!

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