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Talking Power House Filter Media

Hello folks,

I'd like to introduce one of the very high end filter media.
Power House products offer high pH control capability and have vast amounts of surface area.

The pH of aquarium water changes due to various factors, but some representative factors are: 1. When an aquarium is newly set up, carbon dioxide is discharged, raising pH level. 2. Generally in a waterweed aquarium, waterweed photosynthesizes during the day, taking in carbon dioxide, resulting in pH level rise. 3. With aquariums housing many fish or large fish such as arowana, large amounts of food is placed in the water, microbes’ (nitrifying bacteria) activity (nitrification) increases nitrate salt, dropping the pH level. Such are some representative factors, and in any of these cases, the water condition becomes unstable.
To accommodate both rise and drop in pH level, Power House offers 2 types of products: A: Controls pH drop (slightly-alkaline) Hard Type products B: Controls pH rise (slightly-acid) Soft Type products These types used alone or together can stabilize the water’s pH level, enabling efficient biofiltration over long periods of time.

The main component of Power House Soft Type products is kaolinite activated silica. When water’s pH level rises, hydroxy ions in the water increase. The nature of activated silica is such that it takes in the hydroxy ions, and at the same time separates and releases hydrogen ions, controlling pH level from rising. This does not involve emission of acid substance, thus making the product safe for use with all types of living organisms.
As aquaticplants photosynthesize during the day, consuming carbon dioxide, the pH level rises approximately 0.5 to 1.0. Thus by using Power House Soft Type products, rise in pH level can be actively controlled to stabilize water quality.

Power House Soft Type Size (S) - $295/box

5 liters(4.5q.t)
Control PH rise (5.5-6.0)
Surface area for microbial settlement: 1620m2/liter equal 19375 sq.ft/qt.
Size: 6mmx7mm.
This product has the highest filtering capability of this series.
suitable for any fresh water aquarium or breeding Taiwan Bee, Pure Line Bee, etc.

Power House Hard Type products’ main component being calcium silicate (wollastonite crystal) maintains the power to control drop in pH level over the long term.

Power House Hard Type Size (L) - $225/box

5 liters(4.5q.t)
Control PH drop (7.5-8.5)
Surface area for microbial settlement: 400m2/liter equal 4784 sq.ft/qt.
Suitable for any marine aquarium or breeding Sulawesi shrimp.

(this is the picture of the 1L box)

Feel free to contact me if you have anyquestion.
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