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primo's 7.9g Ebi

Picked me up an Ebi on sale last Saturday and have begun setting it up.

Based on reviews I've read of the Fluval Shrimp Substrate I decided to stick some leftover Fluorite in it instead and I also didn't think there'd be enough of the FSS for what I wanted to do.

Here's the hardscape, a couple of the pieces of DW are darker because they've been soaking:

Question for the forum... how should I plant this? The only two things I know I want in it right now are a big ol' ball of Christmas Moss and a Red Tiger Lotus. Thinking to tie the moss over the DW and the lotus in the back right corner but am open to any other suggestions. No CO2 and sticking with stock lighting.

I can't seem to imagine any plantings that I like but this is what I have available and would consider getting a plant or two shipped in: anubias nana (wish I had petit), couple crypts, crypt parva, micro chain sword, rotala rotundifolia, needle leaf anarchis, jungle val, and dwarf sag.

I also thought that maybe I could just leave it with moss, the lotus, and put something like the chain swords or parva in the foreground and just let them slowly fill out a "carpet". Maybe put some vals in at the back to make a wall?

Also have 4 pieces of cholla wood but I'm thinking they might take away from the hardscape.

For the pic I've taken out the stock 3D background and turned it around on the back just for now to make the scape easier to see. Planning to leave it open in the back.

Any ideas?!

Oh.. and first shrimp tank, going to put some cherries in it, nothing too fancy/difficult.

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