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Talking 5.5 gallon college shrimp tank

Current as of 10/14/13
Lighting: 28watt 6500k CFL

Marsilea minuta

5 Pygmy cories
~10 RCS (PFRs)
1 Bamboo Shrimp

Current Tank Shot

================================================== ================================================== ===================================
Here, I'll record my 5.5 gallon tank I'm growing in my dorm room.
First of the specs as of 9/18:
Lighting- 23w soft white CFL
Substrate- Eco Complete
Filter- Generic sponge filter

Flora: (All temporary till I get everything else set up.

5 Pygmy Cories (Pretty sure they're pygmaeus)
13 or so Young PFRs

This tank was started 3 days ago on Monday and I must admit, I did something very bad. I added the cories in on the first day and the shrimp on the second.
HOWEVER! The yellow sponge filter was already running for a month now and some parts of the substrate were taken from an old tank. So I hope I didn't mess up too badly.

Picture time! -Sorry for the bad photo's all I have is my Galaxy S3
Full tank shot showing the lamp

Pygmy cories!

Red Cherry Shrimps- Painted Fire Reds (Bought from rostick555)
To be honest, right now they just look like regular RCS you find in LFS everywhere. As they're still juveniles, I'm hoping they turn redder when they mature.

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5.5 Gallon College Tank

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